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Ricarmo - Find My SuperannuationSurprisingly there is 18.8 billion worth of unclaimed superannuation in Australia. Many Australians can find themselves in the situation where they have missing, forgotten or unclaimed superannuation accounts.  While you might think you only have one main super account, the reality is that many of us have multiple accounts.

At times keeping your financial affairs in order isn’t easy. When you move house or change jobs, tracking your super accounts often isn’t a high priority, and something that can be overlooked. On average, most Australian have had 4 – 5 jobs. This can be even more if you take into consideration any casual or part-time work.  In most cases, each new job comes with a new superannuation account. You can see how easy it is to end up with multiple accounts.

However, having multiple super accounts could be costing you and your future retirement lifestyle. With multiple accounts comes multiple fees and multiple insurance premiums. All these fees and premiums are cutting into your overall balance. It’s eating into your super capital and providing you with less money to invest for your future.

To protect your future, Ricarmo Financial Group suggests that you consolidate your super into one account. This will save you considerable amounts in fees and insurance premiums. It will also provide you with a solid foundation for you to grow your savings for retirement.

As part of our superannuation services at Ricarmo Financial Group, we can help you find your lost and unclaimed super. It’s a free service where we find and consolidate your superannuation into one account.

Using your full name and tax file number, our superannuation specialists will search and locate all your current, old and inactive super accounts. From there it can be consolidated into one account and of course, we can make recommendations on how to better grow your investment for the future.

The Find My Superannuation service is provided free by Ricarmo Financial Group and you are under no obligation to proceed any further after we have located your accounts.

To get started contact us today. One of our superannuation specialists will then be in contact with you soon.