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Mobile Apps for Better Money Management

Mobile Apps for Better Money Management

We take our smartphones with us everywhere, so it makes sense that we use it to help us better manage our money. Below is a list of some of our favourite money management apps. Which one will you try first?

Pocketbook – Free

Pocketbook is a handy budgeting app that links with your Australian bank accounts. It will automatically sync your transactions allowing you to track your income and spending. It’s budgeting on the go, that will categorise your transactions and alert you when your safety spending level is close (this is an amount you set to keep your budget on track). With inbuilt notifications, it allows you to stay in control without having to lift a finger.

TrackMyGoals – Free

A very simple app from MoneySmart that allows you to set money goals with deadlines. Create the goal, set the deadline and the app will let you know how much you need to put aside to reach your target. You can add multiple goals and it will let you know your regular financial commitment to meet all goals. Why not add your superannuation as a goal and watch it grow?

TrackMySpend – Free

Another simple app from our friends at MoneySmart, TrackMySpend allows you to track your spending. Input how much you are spending and on what, you can then download the information as a CSV file to assist with budgeting.

Expensify – Free

If you are sick of looking for receipts at tax time, then Expensify is for you. Scan your receipts and then you can export all the information including date, time, amount and merchant in a handy CSV files ready for your accountant.

Acorns – Free (plus a monthly fee)

If you like the idea of investing, but it never seems to happen, then Acorns is the app for you. After you sync it with your bank account, it automatically transfers your loose change into your investment account. If you buy a coffee for $4.55, then 45 cents is automatically transferred for investment.

Your Bank’s App – Free

Ideal to check balances and pay bills on the go. Check with your bank about what options are available in their app.