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Goals: A Simple Guide for Setting and Keeping

Goals: A Simple Guide for Setting and Keeping

Every person has goals that they would like to achieve in both the short term and the long term. It seems that no matter how much a person wants to accomplish their goals, things keep tending to get in the way. We’re busy and it’s not too hard to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life – there are distractions everywhere! So how do you go about achieving your goals without getting side tracked? Here’s our simple guide for setting and keeping your goals:

Make Your Goals Specific

For example, one of your goals may be to buy a house, and while that seems to be specific enough, you need to factor in other things. You should be 100% clear – why do you want to buy a house? What time period do you want to buy a house in? It’s all about the action plan and creating the steps necessary to buy your house.

Write Down Your Goals

It may not seem like much, but writing your goals down can help you achieve them. As you go through everyday life, you may find yourself thinking of different things that you would like to do or achieve. Then the next day comes and your mind has moved on from them for at least a period of time. By writing down your goals, you have something to look at, and also something to keep you accountable.

Keep Track of Your Progress

By writing goals down, it gives you a starting point to keep track of your progress. Make a spreadsheet, keep a notebook handy – whatever works for you. As you make strides towards your goals, write them down. Also note what you have left to do to reach what you want to achieve.

Seek Professional Advice

Many people have financial goals – saving for that house, making sure there’s enough money for retirement, learning how to save more, etc. While you may have these goals in mind, it’s important to seek professional advice from a qualified financial planner so that a 3rd party can look at your situation and help you create an action plan based on your specific circumstances.

Goal setting is easy, it’s the follow through that most people struggle with. By using this short guide though, you’re well on your way to taking action instead of just hoping that one day you’ll reach your goals.