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Managed Superannuation

Many Australians have their superannuation invested with a standard retail or industry superannuation fund.

As your employer makes regular contributions, it’s pretty much a case of set and forget for most employees until retirement time.

Approaching retirement is when most of us start to look more closely at our superannuation accounts and wonder if we will have enough money for retirement.

What if you were more proactive now? Instead of regularly investing with your retail or industry fund, you managed or had your superannuation managed for you?

Managed Superannuation is at the forefront of the superannuation industry. It’s a proactive approach to gaining better results on your investments. Making your money work harder for you.

Ricarmo Financial Group offer a Managed Superannuation service, where instead of contributing your money into a standard fund, we will actively manage your money for you.

Many retail or industry funds invest your money based on how much risk you want to take with your superannuation investments. When opening your account, the basic choices are roughly low risk, balanced or higher risk. And that’s the end.

Apart from your quarterly statement, you probably never hear from them.

This is where Managed Superannuation from Ricarmo Financial Group is different.

Firstly, we invest your money into a series of wholesale and retail funds. The majority of these funds are normally only reserved for high net worth investors, as they require a high initial contribution.

However, by using these wholesale funds we may be able to offer you reduced risk and potentially higher returns than the standard retail or industry funds. This is because most typical funds attempt to track the ASX and don’t rush to make adjustments when the economy changes.

Secondly, your superannuation is managed by us – Ricarmo Financial Group.

This means we actively monitor and track your investment. We are in regular contact with you to discuss your account, making suggestions and adjustments when required.  As the economy changes, we will be offering solutions to assist with preserving capital and reducing exposure to risk.

When was the last time you received a call from your super fund?

There is a better way to manage your superannuation.

Contact Ricarmo Financial Group today and speak to one of our Managed Superannuation specialists.