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Financial Checklist l Ricarmo Financial Group

Financial Checklist For The Over 50’s

If you're over 50 here is a financial checklist to ensure you are on a good trajectory as you get closer to retirement. Once you reach the halfway point in life, you may feel like you’ve hit a new stage. This new stage can be both...
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Ricarmo Financial Group - Splitting Your Super

The Benefits of Splitting Your Super Contributions with Your Spouse

Is splitting your super contributions with your spouse worth it? Doing so can provide tax savings and earlier access to your super. However this might not be the best option for your specific financial and retirement situation. You can...
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Financial Planning - Ricarmo

Financial Planning: What Would You Do if You Lost Your Breadwinner?

Having a solid financial plan in place is vital for every household. Financial Planning is the process of getting advice to help great a plan. This is what you want if you were to lose your breadwinner. In many households, one person...
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Ricarmo Financial Group - Kids Money

Teach Your Kids About Money Early for Financial Success Later On

The current generation of kids are growing up in a world of instant gratification when it comes to money. Not only do people rarely use cash anymore, when something is purchased or paid for, it’s usually done through the swipe of a...
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Ricarmo Financial Group - financial planning process

How Does the Financial Planning Process Work?

Financial Planning Process. How does it work? You’ve decided to hire a financial planner - congratulations! You’ve taken the first step on the path of creating a money strategy for your life, including short term and long term...
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