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Boosting your superannuation and growing your wealth are often the first steps considered when working with a financial planner to secure your financial future. Arguably however, life insurance to protect your wealth and more importantly your family should be the top priority.

Insurance is the protection we need to have but hope we never need to use.  But if an adverse event was to occur, you will be pleased you have the cover in place now to ease your financial situation at a time of high emotion and great stress.

Car, house and contents insurance is a given for most Australian families, but sadly the ‘real insurances’ that can make a dramatic difference to your family’s financial situation, should need the arise, often aren’t even on the table.

When we are young and fancy free, we think we are bullet proof and nothing can hurt us. As we settle down, marry and have some kids, it’s not only you any longer. You have a partner and children to protect.  You have built a lifestyle for them and if something was to happen to you, what would happen to them?

Everyday requirements such as the mortgage, groceries, car payments and school expenses become harder to pay without a regular income. If you are unable to work or were no longer here what would your family do?

Making the right decision now will protect your most important asset – your ability to earn income and provide for your family – in the future. Ricarmo Financial Group can make protecting you and your family simple.

We collaborate with Australia’s leading insurance providers to offer solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Depending on your financial situation, there are different options for packaging the right insurance solution to ensure the best coverage and affordable premiums. In many cases, we are able to arrange for your insurance cover to be paid from your superannuation account leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Ricarmo Financial Group can assist with income protection, life insurance, total and permanent disability insurance (TPD) and trauma insurance.

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